2016 is here.

The #JOPLINDEMIZE is back.

2015 Recap

The 2015 season for the Joplin Demize of the NPSL did not go 100 percent to plan, but the groundwork for a successful 2016 campaign has already been laid. With a talented roster and a great community presence, the Demize are certainly contenders for a conference championship next season. One of the main struggles that the Demize had this season was putting the ball into the back of the net. In a division where the club competes against the likes of the Tulsa Athletics, having a star forward is key for Hanlon next season.

In addition to adding a striker, Hanlon also would like to add some size to his defense. Playing in the NPSL, there could be different size fields from game to game. This past season the Demize were playing with a relatively small defense, especially at center back. For Hanlon, this is not much of a problem on a large pitch, but when a field is smaller, it creates a lot more contact and physicality. On several occasions the Demize were at a disadvantage height wise, something that could have potentially impacted the match.

Part of what made the Joplin Demize 2015 season so successful was the support of the community and owners Ed and Alision Hershewe. Averaging close to 300 people per game, the Demize had a great presence around town. From running television ads to newspaper feature articles or just word of mouth, the Demize were extremely well thought of. It was this support that helped shape the style the club played. Hanlon wanted his team to play attacking soccer, which is more exciting for the fans and supporters.

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